I cherish every Lithuanian, who returns and applies his experience for his country’s good

President Adamkus

Vilnius, May 20 (ELTA) – President Valdas Adamkus received the representatives of the public organisation of Lithuanians who used to live abroad called “Sugrįžus“ (“Having Returned“).

Problems faced by Lithuanians returning to their homeland from abroad were discussed at the meeting on Wednesday as well as cherishing of relations with Lithuanian nationals living abroad and their contribution in sharing the gained experience. Future development plans of this organization were also discussed at the meeting.

The representatives of the public organization thanked the President for his attention to the problems of emigrants and expressed hope that in the future the matters related to Lithuanians living abroad would occupy an important place in the policy implemented by the heads of state. The members of the organization highlighted the necessity to develop relations with state and municipality institutions and to ensure coherent integration of those emigrants who decide to return.

“Our goal is to work in such a way that everyone who departed from Lithuania would want to return,“ said the representatives of “Sugrizus“.